Elevation 3,776m

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Although the highest mountain in Asia is Everest(8,848m), it would be difficult for most people to go up to the top. On the other hand, the highest mountain in Japan is Fuji, it has been registered as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage(UNESCO) in spite of not less than half of the Everest. Many climbers are aiming towards to see the sunrise from the top. There is a post office at the top and you can buy a postcard. And also can get stamped on it and post it. It will be an impressive present if your friend or family receive the postcard.  


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Whisper of the Heart, you can hear. Birdsong, the sound of the wind. Blue sky, green forest if you look up.   While big inhale to breath, enjoying the early summer of forest therapy.   At night, fireworks go beat over the head of the majestic temple, can experience the natural beauty city.