Essence Mask

PLUNA Mask Green Tea
It is blended with popular moisturizing ingredients, such as two kinds of
tea extracts, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Make the skin feeling smooth
and moisturized while enjoying fragrance of green tea.
Especially recommended Dry skin type.

PLUNA Mask Brown Sugar
Brown sugar purified from sugarcane has long been known to have outstanding
skin-beautifying and moisturizing effects from ancient times.
Give moisturizing to the skin exposed to ultraviolet rays thoroughly.
Especially recommended Dry skin type.

PLUNA Mask Wine
It is blended with collagen, wine which is rich in polyphenol and natural plant
ingredients. Give moisture to the skin and make it supple.
Especially recommended Dry skin type. 

PLUNA Mask Gold
Gold leaf from Kaga, Japan, which is famous for gold production, is used abundantly.
The gorgeous essence mask is even blended with the most natural plant ingredients
in the history of PLUNA.
Especially recommended Dry skin type.

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