A tradition with a history of 100 years,

soy sauce of “Takemo brewing”

– The real tastes –

These products made by old traditional brewing company.  

Soy sauce

Making “TERIYAKI” Good savory smells and taste!!

also the best combination with “Sushi”, “Udon”, “Ramen”

and so on. 


Nutrition absorption rate of Soy sauce is much higher than take

from the soybean itself. And soy sauce is used in a variety of

dishes. how do you use the japanese food essence to your

country’s cooking?


~ Soy sauce history ~  

“Sauce” is wrote the Chinese language as “酱” (called “Jiang”)

Not only soy sauce of soy and wheat, In Southeast Asia and East

Asia, there are also a fish soy sauce(fermented fish). And there

were transmitted to Japan over time, it became the salted fish. 

“patis” in Philippines, “nam pla” in Thailand, “Nước mắm” in

Vietnam are the roots of the Japanese fish soy sauce.

Fruit vinegar

Refreshing sourness of fruit juice and salty taste.

It goes well in seafood.

Rich sauce

A tasteful rich sauce to cherish the natural flavors.

Plenty of use carefully selected vegetables and fruit, sesame

The balance of acidity and sweetness, pungency is very well.

It’s ideal for fly cooking and also Vegetables and other goes well to various dishes. 

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