Japanese Traditional tea

Green tea & Roasted green tea powder   

Just mixed it with hot/cold water!!

Best matching with sweet desserts such as cakes, ice creams and parfaits. and also It’s very delicious to mix it with liquor!!

Our products are carefully selected the tea leaves by Japanese tea professionals and provide the best taste.

Green tea has been drunk many counties in the world as Japanese super food since recent years because it is focused on component called “catechin” in green tea.

Catechin ;

  • improvements to good excrement

  • improvement of the intestinal flora  

  • improvement of the bad smell excrement

  • improvement of short-chain fatty acids

  • it has the functions such as active oxygen defense

Green tea easily takes the catechin!!

~ Various types of green tea ~

Mixture of Spore lactic acid bacteria

it was favorable reception at the trade fair in Hong kong.

Will be support for your health with spore lactic acid bacteria!!


smoothness green tea / roasted green tea

easy to drink and tasteful


Mixture of sugar

Refreshing bitterness and sweetness

Fit in a variety of dishes 


Mixture of milk

Elegant sweetness

Best matching with ice cream, cake etc. 


Enjoy healthfully drink with Green tea!!  

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